£1,000,000 for 100% chemical free material

Have at it!

If, as the ASA says, the public believes materials can be “100% chemical free,” the RSC will soon be inundated with examples from people wishing to claim the £1 million pound bounty announced today by the RSC. [RSC]

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  1. jsteves

    Dr. Ludwig also sent us this article. HILARIOUS. I think some high school chemistry classes may need to be improved….looks like the public needs to review the definition of “chemical!”

    28 November 2008
  2. csimmons

    How about Cheney’s brain, will that win it?

    28 November 2008
  3. jaxtell

    How can it be that a fertilizer manufacturer claims that one of its products is “chemical free”?

    “The manufacturers of a popular “organic” fertilizer recently drew the attention of the public when it claimed in promotional materials the product contained no chemicals whatsoever.” (same article)

    I am speechless.

    29 November 2008
  4. rkoehler

    So because the word chemical is apparently synonymous with “poison,” it is justified to lie to consumers and declare things “chemical-free”? Maybe it’s the consumers that shouldn’t be so stupid and realize that without these infamous chemicals they wouldn’t exist.

    30 November 2008

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