Welcome back ’09 edition

welcome backI spent part of last summer thinking about how to integrate some of the better aspects of social networking and collaborative web tools into this course (CHM3311). I settled on this website and associated wiki, which will serve as the collective home for CHM3311 and other course related items. Most assignments will be available on the wiki, while announcements, general articles, and such will be posted here. I plan to spend more time on the wiki this year and may play with Twitter as well. I’m very happy that Nicole has agreed to continue as the student editor of the weblog!

As we discussed in class, a big part of being a chemist, or a scientist for that matter, involves writing for different audiences. To that end, we (well, you mostly) will be writing short science pieces ranging from the technical (i.e., intended for a practicing chemist) to the general (i.e., for your aunt Ginny), which will be posted here. These assignments will require you to use many different sources including the primary literature (journals), mass media (newspaper/magazines/radio/TV), and new media (blogs/wikis); some will be collaborative, while others will be individual writing projects. There will be opportunities to try other things as well; I am open to suggestions, and hope to learn a lot in the process. I’m genuinely excited to see what you create!

A few posts to get you started…

  1. A few of my favorite books on writing
  2. Quick tips to improve your writing NOW!
  3. Commenting
  4. Writing assignments for the semester
  5. Examples of 250, 350, and 500 word posts

Again, welcome back! Have a great semester!

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