All right, break’s over…

the friendly confines of Mendel Science Center

I don’t know about you, but I generally have a difficult time refocusing after an extended time away from the classroom. And while there are differences in expectations from the perspective of both the student and teacher, the strategies for getting (re)started are likely similar if not the same. I have tried the proverbial dipping of a toe into the shallow end and gently easing my way in to recklessly diving headlong into the deep end without testing the water first (as painful and shocking as it can be). In the spirit of jumping into the deep end, here are a few past posts to get your semester started.

  1. Quick tips to improve your writing now
  2. A few of my favorite books on writing
  3. So you’re writing your first post
  4. Commenting
  5. More info on the Molecule of the Week assignment
  6. Lists of some of my science related feeds
  7. Student perspective – Impressions about the Molecule of the Week assignment
  8. Student perspective – Why take it to the next level

And a few additional links you might find useful.


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