Are you ready for a backyard reactor?


It looks like these may be ready in the next 5 years or so. Now if I only had the $100 million to put one in my backyard. I may have to ask for a raise…

Hyperion Power generation is trying to make a factory mass produced uranium hydride molten core reactor which will generate 70 MWt and 27-30MWe. [via nextbigfuture]

The reactor uses a low (10%) enriched Uranium Hydride, is no-maintenance and completely self contained, runs for 8-10 years powering approximately 20,000 homes, produces a football sized mass of waste, and can be fully refurbished and redeployed. What’s not to love? In contrast, using electricity from a traditional coal fired plant, an INDIVIDUAL would account for enough waste, including CO2, to fill Mile-High Stadium! Could this be the future of power generation?

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  1. pweibel

    Actually, they only cost $25-$30 million, but, with the recent bank fiasco I’m not so sure about that… Electricity for $0.05 per kWh is less than 1/2 of what we pay now, production should be SUPER scaled up on these things. Then we can put them in tanks:, and kick some butt

    29 September 2008
  2. skassel

    I didn’t take you for a war monger! 🙂

    and from the CEO’s interview… ‘From a financial perspective, we’re really very far along. We’re going to get this out the door for less than $100 million.’ If your numbers are correct, I can get one for each of my summer homes and still come out on top! I hope you’re right!

    29 September 2008
  3. pweibel

    Yea, it’s found in this article:, Of course I’m a war monger, who doesn’t want to run around in an invincible tank that you don’t need to refuel?

    29 September 2008

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