CNN cuts science team…

CNN cut its science and technology news staff last week and The Weather Channel canceled their climate change program Forecast Earth during NBC’s ‘Green Week.’ (NBC purchased TWC this summer.) I honestly don’t know what to think, but the cynic in me isn’t surprised.

Science coverage is already nonexistent in mainstream media; do these moves give other media outlets the precedence they need to drop science coverage altogether? Maybe the “important” assignments will go to the celebreporters when they aren’t trying to figure out what Speidi* is doing. In a society so deeply rooted and dependent on science and technology, concerned and responsible science reporting should be a priority rather than being summarily flushed.

It is clear that if ‘news’ cannot be sensationalized, politicized, or monetized, it must not have worth so why report it. It’s also clear that the mainstream media is not going to take responsibility for accurately reporting on science and technology issues that affect our lives every day. What hope is there for mom and dad, the grade school teacher, or the local government official to make informed and responsible decisions rather than instinctually reacting to an overhyped media blitz?

(*Spencer & Heidi – thanks to the Soup!)

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  1. jpaul

    I’d just blame lack of science coverage on the economy. I don’t know why…but that just seems like the standard excuse for everything.

    Personally, I feel that the general lack of science coverage in the media…or the inaccurate reporting of science is risky territory. I fear for the direction of the United States…it doesn’t take much to lag behind in scientific advancement… We need to start getting our children interested in science…and pulling coverage is only going to make this cause more difficult.

    7 December 2008
  2. jaxtell

    From the article through the first link:

    “We want to integrate environmental, science and technology reporting into the general editorial structure rather than have a stand alone unit,” said CNN spokesperson Barbara Levin.

    Somehow I highly doubt this is going to happen…

    At the very least, however, as of this evening, there is still a science link to the CNN website with science-related articles. Even in the age of technology I don’t think science will be circulated as effectively to those not necessarily looking for it who would have seen the reports on TV.

    14 December 2008
  3. cdillon

    This actually reminds me of the article that was in the Villanovan that questioned the importance of science requirements for a Communications major. Too many people in this country assume that if you’re not a ‘scientist’ science doesn’t apply to your life. A dangerous assumption in my opinion.

    23 October 2009

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