Everything you always wanted to know about the LHC, from the ‘Hills’ braintrust

[via gizmodo]

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  1. jpaul

    Now that is absolutely fantastic! Folks…Stay in School!

    2 November 2008
  2. skassel

    Except that they make more in an episode than we do in a year! 🙂

    2 November 2008
  3. pokane

    Hmm, I wonder why no one wants to be a scientist or engineer when all you have to do is act like an idiot on camera (although I’m sure there isn’t much acting involved) and make a couple million a year.

    3 November 2008
  4. jpaul

    And you wonder why our society is having so many issues right now… Still I don’t think I’d sell my soul to idiocracy for $1 million a year…

    3 November 2008
  5. jsteves

    haha pat that’s so true. I’ve also recently considered that computerizing my singing voice like britney, t-pain, or lil wayne might make me millions too.

    5 November 2008

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