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Given the underwhelming response to the last ‘what in the world is it’ contest, why not try it again!

The answer we were looking for in the first contest was L. ehrenbergii (a diatom) clinging to the marine invertebrate Eudendrium racemosum. I thought it was pretty obvious (insert sarcasm here). While Nicole’s guess was kind of in the ballpark, the judges didn’t feel it was close enough to award a prize.

As with the last contest, 10 points extra credit for the first with a correct guess, and again, NO PEEKING! Leave your guesses in the comments…

macro_photo_3c.jpg macro_photo_7c.jpg

[via wired]

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  1. mhickey

    Is the one on the right a nerve signal? It looks definitely biological!

    30 September 2008
  2. csimmons

    Is the one on the left a furry back of a butterfly, covered in water?

    30 September 2008
  3. skassel

    no and no… keep them coming!

    30 September 2008
  4. ldeshullo

    the one on the left looks like kind of like very wet grass, but thinner than grass. some sort of plant with water on it?

    30 September 2008
  5. adetmer

    I agree with laura. The one of the left definatley looks like water droplets on something green (probably a plant). Possibly morning dew on a plant?

    30 September 2008
  6. skassel

    I’m going to split the difference and give 5pts apiece to Amy and Laura! It’s a closeup of water droplets on a leaf… now, if anyone gets the other 100% correct, I may suspect…

    30 September 2008
  7. skassel

    And don’t worry, I will offer opportunities for some extra credit after the break.

    30 September 2008

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