BlackLight Power?

BlackLight Power is something of a mystery to me, representing an esoteric combination of snake oil and Harry Potter. BlackLight Power is a research company that deals with the extremely controversial and freakish hydrino – a hydrogen atom where the electron has achieved a lower energy state than previously thought possible by transferring energy to a catalyst of some sort. Sounds pretty cool right? Well, it does, until you realize that the existence of hydrino’s is not allowed by quantum mechanics, and the theory that supports them does not support other known facets of physics.

Now, if hydrinos do exist, and BlackLight Power has discovered a way to make them, then I will admit that I am sticking my foot in my mouth right now. But, the mere name of the company “BlackLight Power” suggests that something fishy is going on. I say this because the company name suggets that they have developed some sort of rave-inducing power source that will make your white t-shirt emit light so bright that it hurts your eyes. The fact that they have raised $50 million in venture capital does interest me,  seeing as that is a lot of money. It could mean that they are onto something here, but I think if they really developed this great and awesome power source that they would be willing to invite every physicist in the entire world to come look at it. And I would think that every physicist who thought this could be true would come have a looksee. After all, our view of how the world works has been changed before…

Side note, Rowan University says they have verified BlackLight Powers claims

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  1. jaxtell

    This does look a little sketchy to me as well. It seems to me that if this were such a breakthrough it would be getting more media attention, especially because of our energy crisis. They did, however, just sign a contract with some folks in New Mexico ( so maybe it’s more legitimate than I thought. Even so, I’m still a little apprehensive to accept this technology just yet, particularly because of this hydrino business. I’ll be interested to follow this topic throughout the next few months.

    16 December 2008

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