World Records for eating baked beans and haggis! [Updated]

You wanted it and here it is! Micah Collins (aka Wing Kong) and his baked bean eating world record. When there is something available for Steakbellie and his haggis eating world record, I’ll add it!

Update (10/15/08) – Eric ‘Steakbellie’ Livingstone has updated his post on Micah’s world record along with pictures and links to the video and podcast. Steakbellie is also going to be interviewed on BBC Radio 2 this Friday to talk about his haggis eating world record!

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  1. nharmuth

    can’t wait for the haggis…

    10 October 2008
  2. rkoehler

    baked beans used to be my favorite picnic food…

    10 October 2008
  3. skassel

    What, no haggis at the family picnics? That’s unamerican! 🙂

    13 October 2008

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